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Welcome to Proasur

Proasur is a leading company in the development of cultural industry activities in the north of Spain and one of the most important in the country. Its origins date back to the Universal Exhibition of Seville Expo ’92, where a group of enterprising professionals came together to shape a project that remains today more alive than ever.

In 2016 Proasur began its international expansion of its own production in the field of museography. The project consisted of the technical development, manufacture, transport and assembly on-site of scenographies and museographic furniture & equipment in several galleries of the “Museum of Natural History” within the complex “Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre” in Kuwait.
Proasur is currently developing several national and international cultural projects in countries such as Egypt, Qatar, Oman, Portugal and Morocco.

Experience, commitment and innovation have made Proasur over the years the best choice to develop all kinds of cultural and leisure projects.


30+ years of experience

20,000+ m2 of facilities

500+ clients

1,500+ projects

"Whatever you imagine, we make it possible”

Our mission

Making possible those dreams and ideas emerging from the imagination and this human capacity of going beyond the standards. It may be telling a story, traveling through time, being amazed by nature, enjoying art, living unique moments or creating memorable experiences.



More than 30 years of experience in the sector and a great team have enabled us to target our endeavour to ensure our biggest aim; commitment.

Commitment to our clients, to their projects, to service, to innovation and to quality.


Total quality

We have developed along our 30 years of experience an internal quality programme with two separate divisions: quality in our services and quality in our products.

With this internal programme, we offer the “total quality” concept in all our projects.


Permanent innovation

Since our inception in 1990, our company has been committed to R&D&I alongside the systems, processes and technologies that we apply in both the development and production stages.

Furthermore, thanks to the implementation of an ambitious plan of investment in infrastructures and human capital, we can offer a turnkey service.






Step by step

Our team is composed of 5 units providing complete solutions or just performing in any required stage. In this way, we can design projects, develop them or just take part in their production, assembly or management.

Proasur; our responsibilities

Proasur is a second generation family business, so we share all the values that accompany family businesses such as continuity, roots, stability, employment and belonging.

We firmly believe in equality and corporate social responsibility, striving to be at the forefront of the latest trends in remuneration and work-life balance.

We believe that a respectful commitment to local communities is very important for the success of our projects and any long-term action. From Proasur we support the local community in many ways: creating new jobs, encouraging local companies to be part of our supply chain or providing useful training. Given our high internationalisation rate, we indirectly help our suppliers to internationalise part of their production.

Our specialists work to preserve cultural heritage and the intergenerational transmission of history, customs and traditions in the communities where we are present.

From an environmental point of view, we apply an energy efficiency programme in our facilities and an ambitious waste management plan, promoting the recycling of materials with the objective of “zero paper”

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