Product design

Design, development and production of specific products for exhibitions, museums, theatrical scenography, value-added products for retail fit out…

We design bespoke elements and products

From the design to its installation, we create any type of product for museums, stands, shopfitting, etc. as well as marketing actions generally developed in the field of shopping and leisure centres.

Small, simple, complex or large, all our products reflect the essence of who we are, our commitment to quality and innovation.

Exhibition containers

Retail furniture

Models and reproductions

Showcases and brackets


Graphic design

Exhibition containers

We design and produce multipurpose solutions to generate promotional activities, both outdoors and indoors. The ease, quick assembly and versatility makes it a great key to success for marketing activities, events, urban fairs or roadshows.

Retail bespoke shopfitting

Shopping centres, stores and large retail areas can no longer be just a place to buy, but they have to offer different experiences ensuring customer loyalty and attracting potential customers. Proasur creates spaces, leisure areas and value-added elements to improve the customer’s shopping experience.


The basic function of a container or showcase is to work as a shelter, while preserving and showing the content in the most appropriate and aesthetic way. In addition, we try to achieve a relationship concerning objects and visitors, establishing a communication between the both of them.

Models and reproductions

One of the most spectacular exhibition resources is realistic representation. To do this, we create models, scale sculptures and dioramas, composing groups of habitats to interpret ideas, concepts, real objects and scenes, endowing them with great communicative potential.


The clean and neat form of the exhibition brackets enhance the beauty of the pieces, which are the true protagonists. These must guarantee, besides the correct visualization of the works, a protocol of conservation and security, in both temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Theming creations

Proasur designs themes of great realism usually applied in museums, play centres, interior design… always based on scientific, didactic and aesthetic criteria. These creative resources are magnificent visual supports and work perfectly as a complement to the textual and graphic information, being very didactic, visual and easy-to-assimilate by the visitor.

Graphic design

Proasur has developed this service, which emerged from the beginning as an intrinsic necessity to almost all our projects, providing specific solutions to specific needs: graphic design specialized in exhibition projects, brand creation and corporate identity, logotypes development, panelling, stationery, merchandising, etc.

Proasur is a trusted supplier of “la Caixa” Banking Foundation since over 15 years. More than a supplier, is an excellent collaborator that, through the years fulfils commitment with total satisfaction thanks to an indisputable professionalism, engagement, and great human values.

Albert Cornadó Ibars

Itinerant Exhibitions and Production Manager Fundación Bancaria ”la Caixa”

Our corporate relation with Proasur began in the far 1990 with the travelling exhibition Sony Magic. Nowadays we still share collaborations that I hope will persist over time.


Our professional performance, common business and mutual respect have lead us to what I consider the real success; a strong friendship wishing to last a lifetime.

Enzo Piscedda

BCN TENTS member of the Board of Directors

When you find together creativity, experience and Knowhow…the result is 25 years of life experiences and sensations. Congratulations to the whole team!

Delfina G. Ordiales

Tourism marketing and promotion Sociedad Regional de Turismo de Asturias.

Proasur is an effective and qualified team that has such a full range of technical resources that, along with its restlessness creativity and innovation, generate the feeling that anything could be created or recreated …And the best of all, is that this is not just a feeling: they fulfil it.

Paco Azorín

Stage Manager and Scenographer

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Permanent Installations

Design, technical project and end-to-end development and production for exhibitions, museums, themed constructions, leisure areas in shopping centres and any kind of installation concerning both cultural and promotional fields.

Ephemeral installations

Design, project, development and production for any temporary exhibition, stand, theatrical scenery or marketing and event installation.