New technologies R&D&I

Technological solutions applied to museums, exhibitions and leisure centres.

Bespoke technological solutions

We create and develop technological solutions applied to museums, exhibitions and leisure centres.

We are experts in the latest technologies and adapt them thanks to R&D&I.

Audiovisual content 

Multisensory experiences 

Interactive solutions 

Audiovisual contents 

In addition to making the idea of the client reality in a video, we also design the projection technology that best adapts to each requirement, by proposing innovative solutions with a high impact. We create unique audiovisual content according to our clients’ demands. This is not a commercial product, but an integral service.

Specific products:

  • AV
  • Holograms
  • Mappings

Multisensory experiences 

We live in an increasingly digital and virtual world, where people demand new experiences to disengage from reality. Proasur creates imaginary scenes where the user interacts in some way. To do so, we use technological devices or set up a place with artificial surroundings (light, sound, temperature, smells, etc.)

Specific products:  

  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality
  • Multisensory room

Interactive solutions 

We create interactive applications through software, sensors, mechanical actuators, lighting, sounds, etc. We integrate technological devices in different elements (designed by Proasur or belonging to a client) making them more dynamic and active. The technologies used are interactive showcases, touch screens, Kinect, push-buttons, etc.

Specific products: 

  • Interactive applications
  • Interactive display elements
  • Interactive showcases
  • Digital signage

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Product design

Design, development and manufacturing bespoke products for exhibitions, museums, scenic and theming, interiorism, value-added products for retail fit out and many more.

Permanent Installations

Design, technical project and end-to-end development and production for exhibitions, museums, themed constructions, leisure areas in shopping centres and any kind of installation concerning both cultural and promotional fields.