Quality Policy

The Executive Board of Proasur formulates the following Quality Policy in order to involve the whole company and other stakeholders of our general lines of action in the field of quality.

Our main objective is: “To consolidate our image as a reference company, dedicated to the production of museums, exhibitions, scenographies, contents of shopping centers and interiors” through our commitment to:

The involvement of our team and the management in all our projects with the utmost closeness to the client, with personalized attention, fulfilling also the requirements imposed by our clients, as well as the regulations or other interested parties that were applicable.

The fulfillment of the expectations that the client has in our product

The profitability of projects as a guarantee for the future

The continuous challenge to improve our quality management system

Innovation in our systems, processes, technology.

Quality in management, manufacturing and coordination with our external partners

The use of the most avant-garde raw materials and high proved quality.

The optimization and continuous improvement of technical means and human resources

We acknowledge that the achievement of these objectives implies a constant effort and requires the involvement of everyone in the organization, starting with the Boards of Directors, this is essential.

Approved by David Martínez Martínez, General Manager at Proasur.

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