Production Services

Technical development

A good technical development is key, both for design and cultural production. At Proasur we create graphic design sketches that convey useful ideas in the production process. In addition, through our development engineering team we create accurate and detailed technical drawings that visually communicate how something works or should be built before production begins.


The experience of our carpentry workshops in the field of promotional, cultural and leisure activities can be seen in the detail and the overall quality of the products. Solid surface is one of our star materials, we develop unique elements made of CORIAN®, HI-MACS®, KRION®, STARON®… Our know-how sets us apart from other carpentry workshops in the sector.

Resin workshop

At Proasur we enjoy the absolute freedom to materialise any piece with this material. We are experts in highly realistic visual simulation. In our workshop we develop spray lay-up (resin spray moulding) and hand lay-up (resin hand moulding). We make parts by infusion and lamination.


At Proasur we are fully committed to differentiation and innovation. We have a five-axis machining centre, with which we carry out the most complex cutting and milling jobs in all types of materials.


We have a wide range of metal products: carbon steel, galvanised, stainless steel, aluminium… and we can manufacture from light structures to fine metalwork products in stainless steel or powder coated.

Lacquering booth

Our coating booth provides the ideal environment for quality refinishing. In addition, from an environmental point of view, VOC’s are retained and our painters work in controlled conditions, creating the detail in any desired finish.


We work with the best professionals in the field of scenographic painting to recreate any material or effect (trompe l’oeil, simulation of materials, ageing, etc.).

Creation of models and prototypes

We use various materials and technologies to create models of any size with a high degree of precision and realism. We make prototypes and models in resin or 3D printing to bring any design to life, creating direct communication with our clients.


We print and cut vinyl, as well as the subsequent integration of the same in different structures. We also offer the option of direct printing on surfaces such as cardboard, PVC, Alucobond®, wood, etc.


We have extensive experience in audiovisual production projects in the cultural, promotional and leisure fields. We take care of script development, production and realisation. Our objective is based on offering the best products to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

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