Proasur premises

Get to know our facilities

Proasur has several infrastructures in order to offer a service adapted to the needs of each client.


Our offices occupy more than 600 m2 and are equipped with the latest technological advances. We have an interactive showroom area built as an immersive and experiential space to learn about the history and milestones of the company.


The workshop area is divided according to the different production processes: carpentry area, light membrane area, resin and solid surface workshop area, painting and finishing area and prototyping area.

Pre-assembly area

This is one of the most important areas we have. It allows us to pre-assemble installations and structures before installing them definitively in the final space, assemble prototypes, test scenographies and carry out product design tests. This space allows us to guarantee the quality of the product, the optimum assembly systems and even allows the client to see it before final assembly.

Storage and logistics

We have a space of 3,000 m2 for the storage of materials, our own products and our clients’ travelling exhibitions, as well as a logistics area for the preparation of shipments and expeditions.

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