Design of hotels, offices, television sets, and other spaces


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    At Proasur we can carry out comprehensive interior design projects that provide high added value and are also distinctive.

    We have developed interior design services for television sets, hotels, offices and other recreational places.

    Hotel interior renovation

    For the interior renovation of Hotel de la Reconquista in Oviedo, the priority was to preserve the essence of the architecture and the stately style. Proasur took charge of the design, production and equipment of the project.

    To this end, carpentry work was carried out to give a new look to the wooden furniture. We also carried out other tasks such as reupholstering walls, chairs and seating furniture.

    Thanks to the work of our professional team, we were able to supply the unique and elegant furniture for the breakfast area and terrace.

    Office Styling

    At Proasur we also carry out interior design work in offices and their restyling.

    Many companies have requested our services to give their facilities a unique and personalised style. To this end, we have created attractive spaces that perfectly combine its pillars: space, innovation and people.

    Television set restylings

    Behind the radical change of image of the set where the news programmes of the TPA (Television of the Principality of Asturias) are broadcast, we also find the Proasur team. Proasur has worked hand in hand with the channel’s professionals to give the news set identity and presence to the medium.


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