Innovative Materials developed by Proasur

At Proasur we are committed to R&D, which allows us to develop several materials adapted to the specific needs of each project and each client.

Whatever you imagine, we make it possible”

Solid Surface, Proasur's flagship material

Solid Surface is a unique and competitive product that stands out from others. This new material is made up of 75% natural minerals and 25% of resin, offering a great resistance.

It is an antibacterial non-porous material, with a low risk of triggering allergies. It requires little maintenance and it is very quick and easy to repair. In addition to these qualities, there are other important ones such as its high resistance and firmness, and its high capacity to withstand heat, making it possible to bring it close to sources of certain heat without causing any damage.

Our team works with Solid Surface sheets in our carpentry workshops. We work with this material in a similar way as with wood: making fast cuts with pinpoint accuracy on it with our CNC (an automated control of machinery that allows us to achieve this precision).

Thanks to its peculiarity of being thermoformable (i.e. malleable with the application of heat) this material can take on any shape, allowing creativity to run wild for any specific requirement. Esto nos ha permitido realizar piezas únicas para diversos proyectos internacionales que aportan al proyecto un valor único.

At Proasur we use the Solid Surface material to create both interior and exterior designs thanks to its resistance to UV rays. In addition, it can be easily combined with other materials such as wood, steel or glass, offering a multitude of different finishes depending on the impression you are looking to make on the viewer.

For all these reasons, we use Solid Surface in the production of museum displays, exterior cladding for facades or other interior decorations such as meeting tables or creative counters… Thanks to these features and our know-how, we have created bespoke pieces for various international projects giving them a unique value.

Resin bespoke elements production

Another of the materials that we handle in our carpentry workshops is resin, a flexible material in its handling, which hardens after a polymerisation process.

We developed spray lay-up, hand lay-up, infusion and lamination. At Proasur we have been using resin for many years, allowing us to create highly realistic elements for all kinds of projects: scenographies, cultural centres, museums, exhibitions, retail projects…

Barrisol installers (North Spain)

Barrisol© is a PVC sheet that has been on the market for a whopping 50 years, offering functional solutions for all types of public spaces.

Barrisol© is a non-flammable material that tightens with the application of heat. This feature makes it an excellent choice to create all kinds of shapes for any type of project, as it helps to embellish and decorate the project.

At Proasur we are official installers and distributors of Barrisol© in the north of Spain, including the regions of Asturias, the Basque Country and Cantabria.

Manufacture of lightweight membranes

We also work with textile materials, such as lightweight membranes, thanks to our advanced technological solutions.

Lightweight membranes are very light technical materials for all types of architectonic and decorative applications both indoors and outdoors.

The result is a very modern, lightweight, modular envelope that stands out for its simplicity, variety of applications, lightness, durability and innovative aesthetics, among other advantages. Su principal aplicación es en la rehabilitación de fachadas, pero también se puede emplear en acciones publicitarias.

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