WOW Porto

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Client: World of Wine (WOW) Porto

Services: Scenography, Technical Development, Production , Logistics and Installation

Category: Cultural Production

Picture postcard views, cobbled streets, wine cellars, patisseries, unique architecture, compact size and a relaxed pace of life are some of the qualities that have made the city of Porto a desirable destination.

WOW Porto

To add even more beauty to this city, WOW Porto (World of Wine) was born, a new tourist and cultural district located on the other side of the river, in Vila Nova de Gaia, between the river and The Yeatman hotel, from where the city and the river can be seen.

It is the dream of Adrian Bridge, one of the city’s most important executives, who has been working on this project for eight years, for which it was necessary to transform the neighbourhood where many of the cellars that gave rise to Port wine were located and which still retain their original architectural elements.

The more than 35,000 square metre area houses space for exhibitions, shops, bars, restaurants and experiential museums that represent an educational and attractive journey for all cities.

Proasur’s mission at WOW Porto and its work during the coronavirus

Recently, from Proasur we have participated together with our colleagues from GEMA – Digital and Technology Agency in the definition, execution and assembly of museographic elements for WOW Porto.

The execution of some projects presents additional difficulties that are almost never seen in the result: in this case, when on 14 March 2020 the state of alarm was declared in Spain, we were starting the assembly of WOW in Portugal. As a company declared to be of strategic interest, at Proasur we adapted all the demanding health and safety standards established in both countries and continued our work without interruption, ensuring that the difficult working conditions did not affect the quality of the final result.

What does WOW Porto mean for the cultural life of the city?

Although wine is established as the undisputed protagonist, the aim of this project is to bring together culture, tradition and art, becoming a new cultural and tourist district of the city that showcases the city’s historical heritage. In fact, it has been classified as a Potential National Interest (PIN).

The project aims to strengthen the city’s cultural and museum offer, attracting smart, sustainable and sensitive tourism, while allowing the Portuguese to enjoy their city even more.

Six museums are located on the site:

  • The most important is the Wine Museum, which is dedicated to both expert oenologists and amateurs who want to know why they like each wine. You can also take a tour through the history of wine on a national and international level where you can find various interactive materials.
  • The Porto Region Across Ages Museum (PRATA) traces the history of the city with a discovery room.
  • The Museum of Vessels traces 9,000 years of history through 1,500 of these utensils from all periods and conditions. The oldest is a vessel from 7,000 BC of Japanese origin.
  • The Chocolate Museum (The Chocolate Story) offers tastings and food and wine pairings, as well as the opportunity to discover many curiosities related to chocolate. You can also visit the Vinte Vinte (‘twenty-twenty’) chocolate factory, a WOW product.
  • Naturally, it also houses the Cork Museum (Planet Cork), as Portugal is the main producer of this fabric.
  • The Museum of Design and Fashion is not yet open to the public, but is housed in a historic 18th century building with a chapel by Nicolau Nasoni whose frescoes have been restored.

There are two squares: an open-air square and an inner square. The open-air square façades will feature video mapping shows centred on wine. The inner square will host concerts and events.

WOW Porto aims to become a cultural reference that is not limited to the world of wine.


Recently, from Proasur we have participated together with our colleagues from GEMA – Digital and Technology Agency in the definition, execution and assembly of museographic elements for WOW Porto.


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