Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre (Kuwait)

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Client: Alghanim International

Services: Scenography, Technical Development, Production, Logistics and Assembly.

Category: Cultural Production

It is located in Kuwait City, Kuwait, and consists of six main areas, including the Natural History Museum. The Amiri Diwan of Kuwait, is the owner of development of the National Cultural District, a project that focuses on the arts and culture. The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, is located in a new museum district within Kuwait City and one of the most important Cultural Centres of our time. A selected few of specialized companies around the world have worked on it. With over 22,000m2 exhibition floor space, it houses the scientific and cultural achievements of humanity, while honours Kuwaiti, Islamic and Arab culture and history. We have worked closely with the British company Cultural Innovations, which has developed the vision, mission and created the content and design of the 23 galleries.

Proasur has been the only Spanish company participating in The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre museographic project. Some of the outstanding actions are the production of bespoke exhibition furniture and museographic fit-out, scenographies and unique elements.

If you need some help in any kind of cultural production, Proasur specialists will be happy to assist you. Contact us!


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