Cantabria Archaeology and Prehistory Museum "MUPAC"

Along this modern exhibition area of 2.000 m2, MUPAC contents are produced using a vast array of museographic resources: audio-visuals and multimedia, visual and sound effects, interactives and manipulatives, illustrations and paleo-illustrations, infographics, scenography, miniature mock-ups and more… all developed by Proasur and its multidisciplinary team.

MUPAC has also amassed a large amount of original archaeological remains collected in this region with widespread international recognition (La Garma, El Castillo or Altamira Caves…), which entailed the development of specific showcases and exhibition furniture with special features for conservation. Proasur relied on its own qualified workers and specialised personnel for handling these valuable finds.



If you need some help in any kind of cultural production, Proasur specialists will be happy to assist you.

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