Hyper-realistic theming at Sheikh Abdullah al Salem (Kuwait)

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Client: Amiri Diwan

Services: Scenography, Technical Development, Production , Logistics and Installation

Category: Cultural Production

The Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre

In the heart of Kuwait City is the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem, owned by the Amiri Diwan, which opened in November 2016. It is a massive 18-hectare cultural complex, making it one of the largest museum centres in the world.

It consists of six main spaces linked by a kind of spine:

  • Natural History Museum.
  • Museum of Science and Technology.
  • Museum of Arab and Islamic Sciences.
  • Space Museum.
  • Fine Arts Centre.
  • Theatres.

In total there are 22 dynamic galleries with almost 3000 exhibits and interactive elements that explore various aspects of the world we live in: ecological systems and their importance in the biodiversity of the planet, the human body and the functioning of minds and so on.

The main purpose of this cultural centre is to instil a passion for all aspects surrounding human beings (arts, science, culture…) through large-scale models, immersive environments and cutting-edge technology inside.

Undoubtedly, a new approach to learning for young and old alike.
In this way, the capital aims to become a cultural destination.

The National History Museum and the Extreme Ecosystems Gallery

It seeks to show the various wonders of the natural world in a unique and completely different way to other natural history museums.

Visitors can find living ecosystems such as incredible tropical rainforests, mangrove swamps or coral reefs in which the different insects and living creatures that inhabit them can be found. For example, in the aquarium you can get to know the underwater world.

But there are not only exhibits about nature, but also about the history of the Earth since the Big Bang, not to mention the dinosaurs.

It consists of eight galleries:

  • Discover Kuwait.
  • Brilliant Biodiversity.
  • Extreme Ecosystems.
  • Our Earth.
  • Our Place in Nature.
  • Age of Dinosaurs and Age of Mammals

Within the “Extreme Ecosystems” gallery are four high quality, realistic themings that aim to emulate four ecosystems that are considered extreme:

  • The Antarctic zone.
  • The dark caves.
  • The desert zone.
  • The sea bed.

 Proasur’s work in the gallery “Extreme Ecosystems”.

At Proasur we were in charge of the production of these four high quality realistic themings that seek to emulate extreme ecosystems in the “Extreme Ecosystems” Gallery of this cultural centre. The result was a hyper-realistic simulation of ice, desert, cave and abyssal seabed.

The work was carried out by our artistic team at the Olloniego facilities. The elements, once finished and validated, were sent to Kuwait within a complex logistics programme. Finally, the final assembly was carried out by Proasur’s qualified technicians.

As these were extreme ecosystems, their development was particularly complicated, but we achieved a very satisfactory result.

Proasur was the only Spanish company that has participated


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