Management & Revitalisation. Cultural Management in Fuerteventura.

Salinas del Carmen, Majorero Cheese Museum and Tiscamanita Windmill Interpretation Centre.

Salinas del Carmen Museum, the Majorero Cheese Museum and Los Molinos Interpretation Centre are three key institutions to learn about the culture and heritage of Fuerteventura.

The cultural management team of Proasur assumes integrally the direction of these 3 assets, promoting their dynamization through guided tours, cultural events, non-directed activities, temporary exhibitions and workshops, whose objective is to highlight the cultural richness before the thousands of visitors who come to these centers, mostly tourists. 

Cultural dissemination programs aim to involve the locals, creating participatory activities that also nurtures and enriches these centres. 

The results are analyzed in public studies in order to guide future actions, offering an attractive and quality service.


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