Cultural & Leisure Management


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    Cultural and Leisure Management

    We promote and design cultural and leisure management projects for any sector: public, private or mixed, moving towards sustainable models, valuing heritage and generating experiences, thanks to our great team of professionals and collaborators that we have.

    Management and revitalisation for Cultural and Leisure spaces

    We revitalise and support cultural and leisure facilities throughout the development and dissemination process, putting culture at the heart of society.

    Human resources management and training

    We manage human resources and devise the most appropriate team, offering specific training adapted to the needs of each project.

    • Selection and training of personnel
    •  Team organization
    • Design of guided and thematic visits

    Dissemination activities

    We develop strategies in a global way, from the concept of the plan to its materialisation, focusing on online and offline communication.

    • Organisation of events and visualization activities
    • Organisation of animations in the street.

    Teaching & educational activities

    We organise chats and talks making more attractive any event or workshop and making learning fun.

    • Teaching workshops
    • Chats and presentations

    Study & analysis of public

    With our studies and analysis of the public, we can optimize the cultural offer of any activity or equipment.

    • Study of public
    • Realisation of surveys


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