Information and advisory services for cultural spaces

 Cultural Consulting

We provide information and advisory services on topics related to culture, museums and cultural centres.

We design activities programs to offer visitors


We analyze the budget and requirements of each institution and carry out a program of basic activities to offer visitors in which everything acquires a meaning.

We offer innovative experiential activities


We respect the objectives and mission of the space, based on the results obtained from previous studies. It is highly recommended to offer a series of more specific and special activities, making it more attractive and unique.

We closely monitor all our projects, in order to evaluate the changes and how the objectives are being achieved. To do this, tools are developed that serve to measure the results, from which the actions performed can be analyzed and those that need to be taken according to the trajectory that is being taken.

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Cultural & Leisure Management

We promote and design cultural and leisure management projects for all kinds of institutions, public, private or mixed, moving towards sustainable models, valuing heritage and generating positive experiences.

Museums and Interpretation Centres


We provide a personalised service for the development of Museums and Interpretation Centres, adapting to each project.