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Client: Public and private institutions

Services: Cultural Consulting

Category: Cultural Management

At Proasur we have extensive experience in the cultural field thanks to our work over the years both in the touring of exhibitions and in the design, production and management of cultural institutions. Each of the projects we have embarked on has provided us with a global vision of the functioning of these centres.

This allows us to prepare reports on the state of the centres, business plans, programming of activities and design tools that help the institutions to achieve their objectives. In addition, our team keeps up to date with the trends in cultural management that we apply on a daily basis in the centres we manage.

Through our cultural consultancy services, we have carried out multiple proposals for both public and private institutions, designing action plans and innovative management models.

At a national level, we have collaborated with various important institutions such as the Museo del Vino de las Piedras Cariñena. But our proposals have extended further afield, reaching countries such as Kuwait and Indonesia.

Cultural consultancy: what it is

Cultural consultancy is a process by means of which advice is given to people or entities related to culture that have doubts, contributing to the good development of these projects and proposals.

The success of such consultancy depends on several fundamental factors: specialised training, experience in the sector and success stories.

In the case of Proasur, we comply with these three premises:

  • We have specialised training and a technical team with extensive professional experience that is constantly undergoing training.
  • Since our beginnings, at the Seville Expo in 1992, we have always been closely linked to the world of culture, developing a wide range of projects. We have experience in the development, management and production of theming for theatres, travelling exhibitions and stands.
  • Many of our success stories have national names: La Caixa, the Museo Nacional del Prado or the Teatro de la Zarzuela to name a few. But others can be found beyond our borders in countries such as Egypt, Morocco or Kuwait.

The combination of all these factors makes us one of the leading companies in the development of activities linked to the cultural industry.

Why should I have cultural consultancy services?

Having cultural advice will help your project to grow and meet the proposed objectives.

Diagnosis and accompaniment

Cultural consultancy services allow you to establish a good initial diagnosis that will indicate the strategies and actions to be implemented according to the needs and objectives of the project.

In addition to establishing an initial diagnosis, it also accompanies you throughout the process, from the design to the development and evaluation of the project, carrying out a careful follow-up to ensure that everything goes as agreed.


Consultancy firms have experience in the design and development of a wide range of projects; knowledge acquired in the time they put at your disposal, designing a specific plan for each project so that you can achieve your objectives.

In this way, you will save time and money carrying out analyses that may not offer you the solution you need or that best suits you.

Do you want Proasur to manage and make more dynamic a cultural space?

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