Our products

Our products

Proasur experience and commitment to R&D&I have enabled us, over the years, to create specific products, solve challenges in permanent or temporary installations and meet our clients’ needs. We have standardised some of these products in order to offer them independently. We are also official installers and distributors of Barrisol®; in the north of Spain.

Lightweight covers  

We manufacture and commercialise textile architecture for façades and textile covers. A skin that stands out for its lightness, freshness and unique personality. Among its multiple applications the most exciting are solar protection, rehabilitation, ventilated façades, marketing activities and much more.


The entire collection of Barrisol comprises of over 20 unique stretch ceilings systems. The Barrisol universe offers a complete line of products for design professionals (e.g architects, decorators & interior designers) and for end users. We are official installers and suppliers of Barrisol in the north of Spain; Asturias, The Basque Country and Cantabria.



The necessity of providing new exhibition requirements in a demanding market gives rise to this innovative exhibition module called Expo3.

 Due to its easy transportation, this versatile pop up cube, developed in our premises, is the perfect tool for undertaking marketing activities, events, urban fairs or roadshows. Furthermore, they are available for rent or purchase and, if desired, we take care of the integral personalisation of the product.

Showcases and Mounting Artifacts


We design and produce our own showcases and mounting artifacts. We adapt the dimensions and shapes to each piece in particular and to the whole space, guaranteeing their safety, but without interfering visually.

Our process of design and production for museographic fit-out, combines image and displaying criteria with constructive simplicity, functionality and preventive conservation guidelines if required.

We put objects and visitors in conjunction with each other, giving support and facilitating a communication between them.

In addition, we have our own qualified team and specialized personnel for the manipulation of valuable findings.

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