Who we are

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Welcome to Proasur 

Proasur history begins in 1990 alongside the preparations for the Universal Exposition of Seville (EXPO’92). Nowadays our experience is the foundation for our leading role in design, engineering, exhibition development and production, museums, stands, theatrical scenery, visitor centres, scenic creations and theming, events, marketing activities…

As a result, we meet the specific needs of clients from very different sectors: public and private institutions, foundations, large engineering projects, marketing agencies and shopping centres both national and international.

28+ years of experience

20,000+ m2 of facilities

500+ clients

1,500+ projects

“Our mission:

Making possible those dreams and ideas emerging from the imagination and this human capacity of going beyond the standards. It may be telling a story, traveling through time, being amazed by nature, enjoying art, living unique moments or creating memorable experiences.


Whatever you imagine, we make it possible”


Our philosophy; 

More than 25 years of experience in the sector and a great team have enabled us to target our endeavour to ensure our biggest aim; commitment. 

Commitment to our clients, to their projects, to service, to innovation and to quality.

Our goal; 
total quality

We have developed along our 25 years of experience an internal quality programme with two separate divisions: quality in our services and quality in our products.

With this internal programme, we offer the “total quality” concept in all our projects.

Our asset; 
permanent innovation

Since our inception in 1990, our company has been committed to R&D&I alongside the systems, processes and technologies that we apply in both the development and production stages.

Furthermore, thanks to the implementation of an ambitious plan of investment in infrastructures and human capital, we can offer a turnkey service.

Step by step…

Our team is composed of 5 units providing complete solutions or just performing in any required stage. In this way, we can design projects, develop them or just take part in their production, assembly or management.






Proasur; our responsibilities

Proasur plays an active role with local, national or international associations and organisations, and we are members of the International Cooperation Programme that leads “La Caixa” together with GAVI Alliance for Child Vaccination. We join this solidarity initiative in the field of international cooperation against child mortality supporting immunization programmes for children from developing countries.

From an environmental point of view, we implement an energy efficiency programme in our facilities as well as and an ambitious waste management plan, promoting the reuse and recycling of materials.



Discover Proasur premises 

Discover more than 20,000 m2 distributed in our headquarters, workshops and pre assembly areas. 

Meet the Proasur team

Our greatest asset. A multi-disciplinary team with great experience and continuous training.