Workshop Contract Inmsersive Capsule

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Client: Workshop Contract

Services: Design, Technical Project, Production and Assembly.

Category: Brand Experiencies

Proasur specialists have developed the Inmersive Capsule for Workshop Contract. Workshop Contract is a space in which several companies within the contract sector converge to create a laboratory of synergies, know-how and unique projects. The Immersive Capsule of Workshop Contract creates sensory experiences in an increasingly digital and virtual world, where people demand new experiences to disengage from reality. Inside the Inmersive Capsule, a unique audiovisual content is projected that recreates an artificial environment in which sensations are transmitted through a series of technological devices.

To make the outer shell of the Immersive Capsule, we have used solid surface. All the elements in the capsule have been carefully selected, taking into account that it is a transportable element. The result of this particular exhibition module surprises the user and offers a creative and novel immersive experience.

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