Mapping in “del Carmen Saltworks Museum” (Fuerteventura)

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Client: Salinas del Carmen

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Mapping in “del Carmen Saltworks Museum” (Fuerteventura)

The best salt in the Canary Islands is made in Fuerteventura. Sal de Fuerteventura Salinas del Carmen has been recognised in the Official Agrocanarias 2020 Sea Salt Competition, in which the flor de sal de las Salinas del Carmen won 3 awards in the categories of “Best Sea Salt of Agrocanarias”, “Best Sea Salt of the Canary Islands” and “Virgin Sea Salt”.

Del Carmen Saltworks

The Salinas del Carmen are located on the coast of Antigua, in Fuerteventura, and are the only ones still in operation today, preserving the traditional production process. They cover an area of 26,100 m² and are made up of ten salt pans and almost a thousand pits, and are of great ethnographic, cultural, natural and scenic interest for the island.

Their origin dates back to the end of the 18th century, when they were called Salinas de la Hondurilla, the first on the island. A century later, the politician and businessman Manuel Velázquez Cabrera remodelled and enlarged them in 1910 until they became what we know today, and they were renamed Salinas del Carmen, a name that has survived to this day.

At the beginning of the 20th century, salt production was around 700 tonnes per year. Nowadays, the Salinas del Carmen produce around 45 tons per year.

Del Carmen Saltworks Museum

Del Carmen Saltworks Museum is located in a beautiful natural setting, next to the saltworks, specifically in the recreation of a 1910 house, where Mr. Manuel Velázquez Cabrera (Tiscamanita 1863 – Madrid 1916) lived.

Two complementary routes can be taken in the Museum: one inside and the other outside, around the salt flats.

Tour inside the museum

As part of the investment programme to improve the cultural centres it manages on the island, Proasur renovated the Museo de las Salinas del Carmen.

The Proasur team has opted for the reconfiguration of the concept of this museum, which reopened with a redefined identity and approach. In its new phase, the former “Museo de la Sal” is now known as the “Museo de las Salinas del Carmen” and highlights the unique, local and differentiating aspects of these salt pans, as opposed to other generalist and global aspects of the world of salt.

The renovated Museo de las Salinas del Carmen is based on an idealised recreation of a 1910 house, the house of Manuel Velázquez Cabrera, who modernised the Salinas del Carmen and configured them as we know them today. In this way, during the tour of the museum, the public is taken into the history of the Salinas from a historical and emotional point of view, acquiring the contents of the museum in the different rooms that make up the house (the living room, the study, D. Manuel’s bedroom, etc…).

In this way, Proasur aims to collaborate in the important task of preserving the local history, culture, identity and heritage of Fuerteventura.

External Tour

After getting to know the more theoretical aspects inside the museum, it is time to take the exterior tour and visit the saltworks and its beautiful landscape in person. There, you can appreciate the architectural characteristics and the different elements that structure it, as well as the journey that the water makes to become salt through the cookers, ovens and warehouses.

In order to understand the entire production process, the saltworks have an interpretative system which, by means of trays and panels, allows the visitor to enter into the fabric of the saltworks.

The combination of both routes allows visitors to learn about the history of the saltworks from a historical and emotional perspective, but also from a truly curious one, allowing them to become immersed in the process. A good way to learn about the process of a foodstuff that is so common in every home and about which so little is known.

The work of Proasur in Las Salinas del Carmen

Proasur has been in charge of restoring Las Salinas del Carmen, knowing how to adapt such traditional work to modern times. An interactive place where you can touch, click and interact with the different elements, models and screens that make up the enclave.

At the end of the tour there is a multimedia show designed, directed and developed in its entirety by Proasur. It is an immersive experience that tells the story of salt on the island and the global importance of this white gold over the years in different languages.

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