Exhibition stand Carrrocerías Ferqui

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Client: Carrocerías Ferqui

Services: Scenography, Technical Development, Production , Logistics and Installation

Category: Brand Experiencies

Trade shows are a great tool for companies to showcase their products, generate new contacts and interact with potential customers. They are considered a specialised marketing tool that accelerates relationship building and sales.

That is why having a stand to promote your services and products that attracts attention is an excellent way to present yourself.

Participation of Carrocerías Ferqui in trade fairs

Since its origins, Ferqui has been present at various national and international fairs, where they have been able to observe an increasing presence of foreign producers interested in this type of vehicles.

This has led them to present their new vehicles at some of the most important ones: “Feria Internacional del Autobús y del Autocar FIAA”, “Expobus Iberia”, Bus world….

In the production of the Carrocerías Ferqui stand, a space of more than 600 square metres, simple shapes are represented: circles, semicircles, segments… through independent elements that display curved shapes through the use of stretched graphic fabrics. In this way, simple work and meeting spaces with multiple configurations and a well-defined graphic brand identity are composed.

Carrocerías Ferqui’s work

Carrocerías Ferqui is a company dedicated to the design and development of bodywork for public transport vehicles such as buses and minibuses.

In 1957, Elías Quince Vigil and Óscar Fernández Ordóñez decided to join forces and found a company dedicated to the manufacture of bodies for buses and special vehicles: Carrocerías Ferqui (although it would not be called that until 1969, after several years of strong commercial activity).

Since then, in its more than 60 years of work, the company has been able to adapt to the changes and needs of the sector: first by carrying out a mixed work between the repair and manufacture of vehicles, and later by dedicating itself solely to the manufacture of passenger transport.

The crisis of 1993 invited them to rethink their activity and expansion, so they decided to try their luck abroad: Germany was followed by various European countries such as England, Holland, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, etc. Today, it has two factories in Turkey, with its sights set on neighbouring countries and Eastern Europe.

With the arrival of the new millennium, the company decided to focus on the production of small and medium-sized bodies, leaving aside the large ones.

After so many years, Ferqui is still at the forefront of medium-sized vehicles for passenger transport.

Proasur’s role in the project

Proasur was born in 1988 with the preparations for the Seville Expo ’92, and since then it has remained closely linked to the field of ephemeral architecture. Precisely because we know the importance of these spaces, we adapt our production, technical development and assembly to the particular needs of each client.

This has led us to be present in numerous editions of national fairs such as FITUR, EXPO GOURMET, FICNI, FIDMA, SMOPYC, AGROPEC, ASTURFORESTA… and in international destinations such as Miami, Glasgow, Dusseldorf or Santiago de Chile.

Proasur has participated in the production and assembly of this stand of more than 600 m2 for the company Carrocerías Ferqui.

Thanks to Proasur’s extensive experience in the field of ephemeral architecture, we adapt our production, technical development and assembly to the particular needs of each client.


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