Shopping Centres. Football player representation differentiating element

We are in an Era of Leisure where emotion, fun, feelings, sports…create a new concept of entertainment. Proasur strives to be at the forefront of design and innovation creating surprising atmospheres in Shopping and Leisure Centres. 

We provide complete solutions or we offer bespoke services performing in any required stage. In this way, we can design projects, develop them or just take part in their production, assembly or management.

Proasur has produced and assembled this sculpture dedicated to the World of Sports. The figure itself measures 4.70 metres height and has a total weight of 360 Kg.

This eye-catching footballer is located in the new sports commercial area in Marineda City Shopping Centre (Corunna, Spain). It has been created with 3,960 tennis balls, 1,900 m of wire, 397 vertical lines, 3,400 wire separators and our Know-How.

Due to the complexity of this performance, making test and trial assemblies in Proasur Premises played an important role for this success. Our pre-assembly areas guarantee the product quality, optimizing the best assembly procedures and ensuring we meet all our clients’ expectations. We make it possible!

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