Bespoke solutions for Shopping Centres and Leisure Spaces

 Shopping Centres and Leisure Spaces

We provide a wide range of products and services for Shopping Centres and Leisure Spaces: the installation of lightweight covers, exhibition modules for marketing actions, bespoke playrooms, bespoke retail furniture or interactive solutions.


Bespoke retail furniture for Shopping Centres.


We go beyond functional patterns and conventional structures, generating new organic and singular forms. This way we create a perfect synthesis between forms, techniques and materials, which are perfectly adapted to the wishes of each client.

Personalised services for Leisure Spaces


We provide complete solutions of design, production, assembly and management for Leisure Spaces or intervene in any desired phase of a project.

If you think we can be of further assistance to you... please do not hesitate to contact us!


Some examples


Entrada al Real Oviedo Kids

Real Oviedo Kids (ROK)

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Detalle pelotas de tenis de la escultura del Centro Comercial Marineda City

Shopping Centres. Football player representation differentiating element

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Isabela Gourmet Market

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Nit & Nut Club Playroom

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Showcase bespoke design and production

We manufacture our own showcases for museums and interpretation centers adapting to the needs of each client.


Museums and Interpretation Centres


We provide a personalised service for the development of Museums and Interpretation Centres, adapting to each project.