Creation of bespoke immersive experiences

Inmersive Experiences

We develop immersive experiences for our clients, taking care of every detail to offer the best user experience. We provide positive experiences that not only transmit creativity and personality, but also strengthen relationships and attract new audiences.

Multisensory experiences that abstract from reality


We develop multisensory experiences through imaginary scenes that are not common in everyday life, using technological devices or conditioning a space where an artificial environment is recreated through several impresive resources such as light, sound, temperature, smells and much more.

Design and production of multisensory rooms


We design personalised multisensory rooms according to the needs of each client, both in the technological infrastructure and in the specific audiovisual content. For us, each project is unique.

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Proasur Showroom

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Presentación de la cápsula Inmersiva portátil desarrollada por Proasur.

Workshop Contract Inmsersive Capsule

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Design, production, assembly of exhibitions.

Cultural & Leisure Management


We promote and design cultural and leisure management projects for all kinds of institutions, public, private or mixed, moving towards sustainable models, valuing heritage and generating positive experiences.