Bespoke creation of Immersive experiences and showrooms


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    Development of immersive experiences

    At Proasur we produce immersive experiences tailor-made for our clients, taking care of every detail to offer the best user experience. We provide positive experiences that not only transmit creativity and personality, but also manage to strengthen relationships and attract new audiences.

    Immersive experiences to enhance brand image.

    The immersive experiences we create generate emotions and improve the perception of cultural spaces, brands or institutions.

    Multisensory experiences to abstract from reality

    At Proasur we develop multisensory experiences by means of imaginary scenes that are not common in everyday life, using technological devices, or by fitting out a space to recreate an artificial environment, through resources such as the use of light, sounds, temperature, smells, etc.

    Design and production of multi-sensory rooms and showrooms.

    We design multi-sensory rooms, customised according to the needs and budget of each client, both in terms of technological infrastructure and specific audio-visual content. For us, each project is unique.

    Showrooms as a differentiating element

    We work with the latest trends in product presentation for companies. A clear differentiating element in the commercial world are showrooms. A showroom can be much more than a space dedicated to showing a company’s products, or to exhibiting the actions carried out by an institution. At Proasur we focus on the development of personalised showrooms through creative and technological resources that tell a story, generating emotions in the visitor and managing to offer a unique experience that will last over time. We believe in differentiation strategies, and we make use of all kinds of technological innovations that help to achieve the objectives set with each client.


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