Bespoke Exhibition Stands and Events


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    Exhibition Stands and Events

    We provide design, production and assembly services for Exhibition Stands and Events. We have almost 30 years of experience in the ephemeral architecture sector. We build the desired image that our clients want to convey.

    Expo3 Exhibition Module

    The necessity of providing new exhibition requirements in a demanding market gives rise to this innovative exhibition module called Expo3.

    Proasur team has developed this versatile pop up cube in our premises. Expo3 is the perfect tool for undertaking marketing activities, events, urban fairs or roadshows. If desired, we take care of the integral personalisation of the product.

    We build your Exhibition Stand

    Among traditional Exhibition Stands construction techniques we apply new constructive solutions, using last generation materials in their different uses and combinations. We also have a special space that allows us to pre-assembly.

    The leading company for Exhibition Stand construction

    We carry out the design, production and assembly of Exhibition Stands and other events. Our products are based on three basic principles: aesthetic impact, functionality and ease of adaptation to new uses.


    Clients have been very pleased with our service