22 de June, 2017

“The House of Wolf” Visitor Centre receives the Certificate of Excellence Award 2017

Gestión Casa Lobo excelencia Tripadvisor

“The House of Wolf” visitor centre in Belmonte de Miranda (Asturias) has received The TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence. This award honours excellence in establishments all over the world, which continually delivered superior customer experience.

Proasur undertakes the cultural management in “The House of Wolf”, a Visitor Centre that highlights one of the most emblematic species in Asturias, the Iberian wolf, from a naturalist perspective and making awareness about the importance of environmental education and biodiversity protection.

Proasur offers the possibility to manage, revitalise and maintain cultural centres, exhibitions and leisure centres, developed by us or by third parties.

Congratulations to the whole team of "The House of Wolf"!

For more information about Proasur and “The House of Wolf” click here.

Tematización Casa del lobo de Belmonte