06 de July, 2017

New Proasur actions in “Museo del Vino” will host an important part in the history of Bullas

On December 28, 1909, the independent newspaper “El Tiempo” published an article about a great discovery in “Villa de los Cantos” roman archaeological excavations, Bullas (Murcia). Four delicate Water Fountain Statues were found in a very good conservation condition.

Shortly afterwards their disappeared, and after remaining in unknown whereabouts for over a hundred years,  we will soon be able to enjoy the mastery of art in three of these four white marble statues in Museo del Vino de Bullas.  

The fourth Water Fountain Statue, known as “Niño de las Uvas” (Child with grapes), is still missing and expectantly will be found soon in order to join the rest of decorative statues.

Almost fifteen years ago, Proasur developed the design, production and assembly of Museo del Vino de Bullas (Bullas Wine Museum). We are very proud that our client keeps on trusting Proasur since then. For this action, Proasur has designed, produced and assembled different informative support as well as the three showcases that will host this three remarkable 2nd-century AD Water Fountain Statues.

Find more information about Proasur design for showcases and brackets here.