27 de July, 2018

Proasur, one of the key companies for the construction of one of the largest Cultural Centers in the world.


Kuwait is a state located in the Persian Gulf that has 17,800 km2 and a population of almost 2,700,000 inhabitants, with a capita income of 37,280 US $. Its economy is based upon the export of oil, with reserves of over 104 billion barrels *.

Its currency, the dinar, is currently the highest value monetary unit in the world. Its capital is Kuwait City. Kuwait city is the largest city in the state and where the National Assembly of Kuwait is located. Kuwait is considered one of the most important political, economic and cultural states of the Emirate. 

This city has an extensive museum tradition, it offers the visitor numerous museums of undeniable quality. These museums include the Bait Al-Othman Museum, The Kuwait History Museum, The Science and Natural History Museum, the Museum of Modern Art or The National Museum, as well as the Tareq Rajab Museum of Islamic Calligraphy and Dar al Athar al Islamiyyah, among others.

Currently, the Royal Palace of the Emir of Kuwait is developing the new National Cultural District. A district that includes the Al Shaheed Park, the Al Salam Palace and the Cultural Centres Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad and Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem. With a budget of over one billion dollars, the project is currently the largest cultural investment in the world.   


 (* Source: CIA World Factbook)



One of the most important Cultural Centres in the world. 


The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre (ASCC) is part of the Kuwait National Cultural District. With a surface of over 130,000 m2 its area for exhibits, exceeds 22,000 m2, what makes it one of the largest cultural centres in the world. 

The Kuwaiti civil and electromechanical engineering and contracting company Alghanim International, designated the company SSH to carry out this great architecture and engineering project that has quickly become an emblematic building for the world's architectural design elite (awarded as Public Building of the Year by the prestigious ABB LEAF Awards 2017).  And the British company, Beck Interiors as project manager.

The project not only aims to exceed the expectations of local visitors, but also to welcome and inspire the international public. The cultural centre consists of six main buildings that house four Museums, a Fine Arts Centre and a Theatre. Cafes and restaurants are located in the public spaces of the complex, where events and outdoor exhibitions are held.


Offering different subjects, the four Museums located in this complex have the latest museographic technologies:


• The Space Museum presents an unprecedented opportunity to explore the wonders of this unknown universe.


• The Museum of Science, has two galleries: "Transportation and Robots" where you can meet your giant robot and discover the latest ways in which robotic technology helps humans and "Human Body and Mind" that reveals the secrets of the body and human mind, as it advances in its complex functions to discover that our brains act as supercomputers.


Museum of Natural History. The gallery "Our Earth" reveals the incredible reptiles and mammals that lived on Earth until 65 million years ago and the Gallery "Ecosystems" that highlights the importance of ecosystems and how these have influenced the development of our planet's biodiversity over millions of years.


Museum of Arab Islamic Sciences, honours the Golden Age of Islam and the countless scientific, cultural and artistic contributions of Muslims and Arabs to modern science.



ASCC Opening Ceremony


The cultural complex celebrated its inauguration on February 5th, 2018 and it was honoured by the presence of the Emir of Kuwait, His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Yaber Al-Sabah.

The representatives of the Royal Palace of Kuwait and many other personalities of national and international scope attended this great private ceremony, creating a historical evening for Kuwait.

The event, broadcast live on TV, generated great expectations and dazzled with a great sensory show and an impressive staging.


Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre Opening Ceremony

Proasur we make it possible


In this new era, traditional companies must develop a new role, promoting an exponential raise in the use of new technologies and responding to the challenges posed by new social behaviours. Proasur is aware of all these changes and presents a new concept of company.

Last year, nearly 50% of Proasur's income came from international markets. The preparation, qualification and availability to work anywhere all over world, the everyday use of new technologies and the size and proximity to our clients are unchangeable features that make Proasur a dynamic company with a great projection into the future.

Proasur, together with a small group of international companies, has been one of the key companies in the construction of Kuwait's most important cultural centre, The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre.