10 de November, 2017

National Heritage awards Proasur a public contract to reconstruct seven vaults.

A case of seepage of moisture in the arches that communicates the Coir School and Benedictine Abbey with the Guest House in The Valley of the Fallen Monumental Ensemble has caused serious damage in seven groin vaults.


Taking into consideration the critical situation of these vaults, National Heritage has developed a refined action plan to avoid future damages.


Proasur will undertake this contract award of rehabilitation from a public tender offer and will reconstruct these vaults. To this end, Proasur will produce, supply and assemble seven units of vault created with Glass-Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP). Each of these units will have four parts with a total dimension of 5.50 x 3.50 metres.


This solution does not raise the possibility of building deterioration towards future seepage of moisture, as the water will drain through small apertures located in supporting parts of each corner.


Proasur Production Processes enable the transformation of productive factors into high quality goods or services. We are experts at providing realistic visual simulations. In our resin workshop, we develop spray lay-up, hand lay-up and make pieces by infusion and laminating.


The resin offers unlimited possibilities and gives Proasur total freedom to create anything our clients can imagine. Anything you can imagine…We make it possible!