07 de March, 2018

Solid Surface, one of the flagship materials in Proasur Production Processes.

Solid Surface is a next generation material, usually composed of a combination of two thirds of natural minerals and one part of high-resistance resin.


This Non-Porous, Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial material is more resistant to abrasion than solid wood and It has great durability features while offers a low maintenance and an easy reparation.


It also has excellent Fire-Resistant Properties; most solid surfaces are fire-resistant or fire-retardant.


Proasur produces Solid Surface elements in our carpentry workshop, located in our premises. Our team works with Solid Surface sheets in a similar way to timber boards, being able to cut them (if necessary) with our five axis CNC machine and making extremely quick and millimetric cuts, what reduces machining time and increases overall productivity.


However, probably the feature that makes Solid Surface one of the most important key materials to Proasur’ Production Processes is that it is a  thermoforming material. This means that, prior application of heat, this material can be mouldable and able to take on any shape (straight, curved, wavy, zigzag, spiral, varied….) letting imagination run wild on every project. Furthermore, joints are invisible, what creates a great uniformity in volumes.


Thanks to this versatility, we produce unique and high value-added elements, which positions Proasur as one of the most important Spanish companies with international career on this field.


The first Solid Surface was launched by DuPont in 1967 under the trading name of Corian®. Nowadays there is a wide range of possibilities and a great number of manufacturers have introduced also their trading names, such as:




  • KRION®; from Porcelanosa Group


  • Avonite®; from Aristech Surfaces LLC



  • STARON®; from Lotte Advanced Materials co. LTD




In addition, many of these manufacturers have been awarded for creating sustainable products that have a minimal environmental impact, that do not produce volatile compound emissions, complying with environmental standards and offering a 100% recyclable product.


Proasur We make it Posible!


The design opportunities and potential applications are virtually limitless for both inside and outside creations (the product is UV-resistant), it can be backlighted, die cut…it is possible to find out Solid Surfaces combined with steel, wood, granite and piece of glass. There are currently an enormous variety of models and colours that offers endless finishing possibilities. 


Proasur creates unique elements with solid surface. Some of the applications for this materials are: elements for museum and exhibitions, outer shells for façades, designer conference tables, creative reception desks, interior design products, shop fittings, displays, wall coverings, differentiating elements in shopping centres or big infrastructures and many more!


If you would like to receive further information about what Proasur can create with this versatile material, please do not hesitate contacting us!