31 de May, 2017

Proasur undertakes travelling exhibitions under Obra social “La Caixa”. June 2017

La CaixaBank is Spain's third largest financial institution. Due to its non-profit status, it has a charitable foundation that relies on several cultural programmes, among them, very interesting travelling exhibitions about different subjects.

Proasur undertakes successfully logistics, assembling, dismantling, relocating and even producing many of these exhibitions.

We will be present in the following exhibition openings during June:

TecnoRevolución. La era de las tecnologías convergentes. (Techno revolution. The era of emerging technologies). This exhibition invites us to learn about techno revolution and new emerging technologies discovering that they are present in our daily life. Exhibition openings in Villajoyosa (Valencia) next Wednesday 7th June and Jaca (Aragón) next Tuesday 27th June.

El bosque. Mucho más que madera. (Forest. Much more than wood). How does a tree work? How is nature humus formed? What is wood? After visiting this exhibition, you will be able to answer these questions and many more related to this complex ecosystem called “Forest”. Exhibition opening next 2th June in Huesca (Aragón).

Ilusionismo: Magia o Ciencia? ("Trickery: Magic or Science?") Visitors discover scientific sensory illusions and are invited to experience the feeling of turning something impossible into possible before their very eyes. Exhibition opening next 6th June in Jerez, Cádiz (Andalusia).