26 de July, 2017

Proasur develops a new exhibition itinerancy under Obra social “La Caixa”

La CaixaBank charitable foundation relies on several social programmes and among them, one remarkable target is the dissemination of culture.

For over twenty years, “La Caixa” itinerant exhibitions have been touring all around Spain in order to provide information about several topics of social interest. 

A new exhibition about water awareness in the urban environment is now added to the wide range of interesting subjects under La Caixa itinerant exhibitions.

Proasur has been, once more, the company selected to develop the assembly and itinerancy of this exhibition, now located in Laredo (Cantabria) until the next 29th august.

“¡H2Oh! Los secretos del agua de tu ciudad” (“¡H2Oh! The secrets of the water in your city”) is the new exhibition for Proasur wide experience in itinerancies, Roadshows and Street marketing since the early nineties. Proasur is a leading company for these actions, being able to undertake successfully a 360º service from design and creation of exhibition contents, graphic design, production of the exhibits and cultural management to logistics (assemblies, dismantling and transfers) creating this exhibition (or adapting an existing one) for circulating around several venues.

The exhibition ¡H2Oh! is located in two “100 Pop Up Units” called (UD100) that offer an indoor and climate controlled expositive area of over 200 m2. Furthermore, one extra tunnel working as a link between both units, offers several assembly possibilities according to the available space.

“¡H2Oh! The secrets of the water in your city” spreads water conservation consciousness along three different ambits: the importance of water for human beings, the discovery of what is hidden behind an apparently simple action of opening a faucet in our homes and making awareness about water responsible use.

H2Oh! Let’s play!

Based on this, “la Caixa” has created an entertaining online city building game where their inhabitants can make a sustainable use of water. If you have the chance of visiting the exhibition ¡H2Oh! on its touring along different cities and municipalities of Spain, you will receive an special code that will give you the access of an extra level in this game.

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