Production, Design and Technical Development for Cultural Proyects.

Over 28 years of experience, more than 1,500 projects, 500+ clients, company premises exceeding 20,000 m2… they are all just numbers. Today innovation in conjunction with experience, commitment and a great team allow us to say: “Whatever you imagine, we make it possible”.

We make it possible

We are certified with ISO 9001:2015 certification standard. We know our clients require high standards of quality in all our products and services. That's why certified quality is the best way to raise our competitive level.

Our Services
Cultural Production

Design, technical project and end-to-end development and production for cultural production projects: museums, interpretation centres, exhibitions... We carry out the technical development and production of themings and scenic arts such us operas or theatres.

Our Services
Brand Experiences

We create memorable Brand Experiences that evoke feelings and sensations through the development of immersive elements and new technologies causing a sensory impact.

Our Services
Cultural management

Management and revitalisation applied to museums, exhibitions and other leisure or cultural institutions.

Our Services
Interior design and production

Through a totally bespoke interior design service, we produce unique elements and develop personalised spaces showing our reflexive design values.

Our Products

Discover our products. All designed by Proasur in order to meet specific needs of our clients.

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Let us know your idea, your needs and concerns. We adapt to our client's requirements and develop personalised actions for each project.

Production processes

Discover the production processes developed in Proasur.