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Permanent installations

We provide customised services in order to develop museums, exhibitions, scenic creations and theming, leisure areas in shopping centres and any other permanent installations in promotional and cultural fields.


Temporary installations

We undertake the technical development and production of temporary elements for travelling exhibitions, theatrical scenography, stands or any production not considered a permanent installation.

Product design

We design any bespoke product for museums, retail, stands and more, providing our service in exhibition furniture, graphic and commercial design as well as creating marketing actions. We also undertake the assembly’s artistic management.

New technologies and R&D&I

We create interactive contents and develop technologic solutions applied to museums, exhibition centres and permanent and temporary installations.

Cultural management

We conduct studies and a wide range of investigations (sector, public, formation, viability…). We also develop planning tools, 2.0 applications and other management tools for cultural centres, exhibitions, leisure areas...