29 de August, 2017

Proasur presents Real Oviedo Kids, a new space for children which brings together sports and leisure

With a surface of over 340 m2 Real Oviedo Kids is the new Leisure Centre for children located in Modoo Shopping Centre.

This new space presents sport and leisure with a significant technological component inspired by Real Oviedo Football Team.

Real Oviedo Kids aims to promote core values among children 4-12 years such as respect, friendship, team working, fellowship and sportsmanship. In keeping with this philosophy, birthday parties, workshops and even themed parties will be organised.

Proasur is a young and dynamic company that offers a detailed experience in order to manage, revitalise and maintain this kind of leisure and sport activities, other examples are “The House of Wolf visitor centre” or the “Ice skating rink for Christmas” in Oviedo.


Real Oviedo Kids presentation, great success!


Many important personalities attended Real Oviedo Kids presentation. Among them, the President of Real Oviedo Football Club, Mr Jorge Menéndez Vallina.

During the press conference Mr Constantino Martínez, the President of Proasur expressed his enthusiasm about this project that will define the essence of the brand while creating a place for children to develop sport and leisure activities.


Proasur with sports and leisure.


We are in an Era of Leisure where emotion, fun, feelings, sports…create a new concept of entertainment.

Proasur strives to be at the forefront of design and innovation creating surprising atmospheres in Shopping and Leisure Centres.

Once more Proasur provides support for sports. Have you seen already the spectacular sculpture of a football player created by Proasur in Marineda Shopping Centre?

Proasur is committed to sports!