22 de September, 2017

Proasur new project will entail the management of three of the most important Touristic Centres in Fuerteventura

Proasur will undertake a €12MM contract award from a public tender offer.  This fascinating project entails developing the management in three of the most important cultural attractions in Fuerteventura Island: “Tiscamanita Windmills Interpretation Centre”, “The Majorero Cheese Museum” in La Antigua and “The Saltpans and Salt Museum” at Salinas del Carmen. 

Along this 12 years management contract, Proasur will offer more extensive opening hours in these three islander touristic venues, leading an exponential improvement in Fuerteventura’s cultural agenda. 


Creating a new concept


Fuerteventura has a powerful tourism industry. Since the beginning of the year 2017, the second largest island of The Canaries has received over 1.7 Million tourists, and in 2016, a new record was set, with 3.2 Million tourists.

Proasur will manage these resources and will perform remodelling works in the three centres, offering significant improvements, among others, improving the visitor experience from both cultural and logistics points of view, renovating the museographic equipment and renewing the facilities, establishing food and beverage service facilities or undertaking the refitting of the three shops.

All these actions will undoubtedly improve the cultural tourism experience in the Island. Reopening plans are expected to begin in early 2018. 


Proasur main goals


Some of our aims will include:


  • Promoting awareness in the Islander heritage 


  • Highlighting different elements that are present on each area


  • Improving the visitor experience


  • Developing foreign visitors communication and interrelation with locals and local assets


  • Promoting the tourist offer on the island


  • Broadening dissemination channels through several resources: internet & web, reservation centre, tour operators and specialised agencies


  • Improving territorial balance, taking advantage of the benefits that entails enhancing tourist development in inland areas (compared to coastal ones) as well as the implementation of cultural and leisure activities


  • Enlightening sustainability and competitiveness in the three Centres


  • Improving local tourism business turnover... and much more!


We make it posible!


This project will be an exciting challenge for Proasur in the field of Cultural Management

It is worth mentioning that Proasur designed, produced, and assembled “The Majorero Cheese Museum”. An extremely interesting Permanent Instalation providing a wide range of educational offerings about Fuerteventura’s farm and cheese culture while presenting the fauna and flora endemic to the island. Furthermore, our New technologies R&D&I unit included an Augmented Reality Map that forecasts the information in a witty, interactive and visual way.

Proasur team is eager to start working on this beautiful project!


Centro de Interpretación Molinos de Tiscamanita, gestionado por Proasur
Mueso de la Sal en Fuerteventura, realizado por Proasur